Sakh Se Vikas

  • A farmer's best friend

    March , 2016

    The knowledge that Shiv Devi gained through adopting new farming methods, agricultural training and best cultivation practices were put to good use when she became a Krishi Sakhi, a friend or advisory to farmers

  • Empowerment means the power to think, reflect and comprehend

    September , 2015

    The state of Rajasthan has witnessed significant efforts to improve the economic conditions of the poor; yet, there are groups that face a severe disadvantage in accessing their rights, especially girls belonging to scheduled tribes

  • Sakh Se Vikas

    Despite being the largest state in India, Rajasthan lags behind other states on many development indicators. Its hostile climatic conditions, arid terrains, weak infrastructural facilities and frequent droughts have impeded efforts for development. 

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