• A friend in deed to animals

    February , 2019

    Respect in the community and the means to support her family have been added rewards for Pooni Bai when she trained as a pashu sakhi to handle medical needs of animals

  • Fortifying the country’s future

    February , 2019

    The Tata Trusts’ food fortification strategy involves imbuing staples like milk, edible oils, rice and wheat with micronutrients to address the nutrition deficiency in India

  • Putting patients at the heart of cancer care

    February , 2019

    Tata Trusts' Cancer Care programme has launched India’s first cancer patients’ advisory group to better understand the experiences and expectations of patients, survivors and caregivers, to bring about a tangible difference in treatment and care

  • Creating urbane habitats for the urban poor

    December , 2017

    Tata Trusts lifts lives of the underprivileged through interventions in housing, basic services and livelihoods

  • The best possible start

    August , 2016

    Nutrition during the first 1,000 days of a baby’s life has an impact on health throughout life. New and expectant mothers in urban and rural areas of India learn this important fact during awareness campaigns held during the International Breastfeeding Week

  • 'Motherhood is a significant responsibility'

    May , 2016

    Dr Anand Bang, Advisor - Health, Tata Trusts, answers readers’ questions on issues such as the dangers of early and late pregnancy, weaning of infants, and antenatal training to the family

  • Community to the rescue

    April , 2016

    Tata Trusts is supporting and handholding a major Community Health Programme in Eastern UP

  • Bangles of health

    December , 2015

    The bangles that pregnant women in Ghazipur district of Eastern Uttar Pradesh wear are unique, the colours denote their health status and compliance to health instructions

  • The miracle of healing

    December , 2015

    St. Jude (India) Child Care Centres are often the last bastion of hope for children suffering terminal diseases. When the good fight is won, it is not just the patients who are relieved and grateful; the committed doctors and staff of these hospices see these successful cases as ample repayment for their dedication and hard work.

  • Tata Trusts and Prodea Systems set up first ever interactive digital access on television screens in the state of Rajasthan

    November , 2015

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