• Contributing to the ecosystem

    February , 2018

    Education — Confidence — Business — Prosperity. Varshaben’s story is a fine example of how one thing leads to the other

  • Innovation makes Okha different from all

    February , 2018

    When tough times last for long, innovation helps find a solution. Farmers in drought-ridden villages of Gujarat revive their livelihood by innovative practices

  • Smart ideas for a smart village

    October , 2017

    Tata Trusts’ ‘Lakhpati Kisan: Smart Villages’ programme has touched nearly 96,000 tribal households of the Central Indian belt. The focus is to implement best practices and enhance skills through community empowerment, leading to higher productivity and overall prosperity

  • Synergy of social enterprises can solve India’s drought problem

    May , 2016

    Social enterprises have to design innovative and simple solutions that can tackle the crucial problem of drought and have the capacity to restore India’s farmlands to its green glory, says Vijay Yagnamurthy, Project Manager at Tata Trusts

  • High on output

    May , 2016

    Sinkibai’s income has gone up ten-fold and she plans to earn more, thanks to adopting commercial cultivation of vegetables and Package of Practices, suggested by experts from Collectives for Integrated Livelihood Initiatives

  • A season for change

    March , 2016

    The male-dominated panchayat was not pleased when Maniben took the lead to implement water and sanitation schemes in Langad village. She persevered, and now each household has tap connectivity

  • Improving upon success

    December , 2015

    The Central India Initiative partners Vikram Sarabhai Centre for Development Interaction to improve cropping practices to benefit tribal farmers

  • The music of hope

    December , 2015

    Tata Trusts efforts to preserve, sustain and revitalise musical traditions have ensured that the number of artists practicing folk music as their primary occupation has gone up significantly

  • Tata Trusts and Google join hands to launch Internet literacy campaign for women in rural India and their communities

    July , 2015

  • The ITE programme in various states

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