East And North East

  • Putting patients at the heart of cancer care

    February , 2019

    Tata Trusts' Cancer Care programme has launched India’s first cancer patients’ advisory group to better understand the experiences and expectations of patients, survivors and caregivers, to bring about a tangible difference in treatment and care

  • When the football field is home

    December , 2018

    Young Bapenyimjong finds support from the "Tata Trusts Centre of Excellence for Football" to realise his dreams

  • Ensuring development via technology

    November , 2018

    The use of technology in education has a direct impact on a region’s overall educational development. The Trusts have therefore introduced ITE for children in the underserved villages of Uttar Pradesh and are encouraging them to make the most of technology available for education.

  • Conservation, the tourism way

    June , 2017

    A tribal community discovers a way to supplement their income while protecting and conserving their heritage

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