Collectives For Integrated Livelihood Initiatives

  • There’s magic in these bookish spaces!

    November , 2018

    Children in Jharkhand are befriending books, thanks to the Trusts’ initiative of developing libraries across schools

  • High on output

    May , 2016

    Sinkibai’s income has gone up ten-fold and she plans to earn more, thanks to adopting commercial cultivation of vegetables and Package of Practices, suggested by experts from Collectives for Integrated Livelihood Initiatives

  • Improving upon success

    December , 2015

    The Central India Initiative partners Vikram Sarabhai Centre for Development Interaction to improve cropping practices to benefit tribal farmers

  • Schooling Karma

    December , 2015

    It wasn't long ago that seven-year-old Karma would run away from school during lunch break. He hated school. But today, with patient understanding and encouragement from learning facilitators from the School and Community-based Quality Improvement Programme, Karma is back in school and enjoying it

  • A big step in the right direction

    September , 2015

    Remedial coaching centres, with innovative teaching-learning methods and materials, support high school students to clear their matriculation examination in Khunti district

  • Tata Trusts to explore use of technology to bring prosperity to Jharkhand’s tribals

    July , 2015

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