Central India Initiative

  • Triggering transformation

    April , 2018

    Kuwanri Hassa and her husband in Janumpiri, Jharkhand, are ‘Lakhpati Kisans’ who are inspiring other farmers to adopt scientific agricultural and lac cultivation practices to reap increased profits

  • Smart ideas for a smart village

    October , 2017

    Tata Trusts’ ‘Lakhpati Kisan: Smart Villages’ programme has touched nearly 96,000 tribal households of the Central Indian belt. The focus is to implement best practices and enhance skills through community empowerment, leading to higher productivity and overall prosperity

  • High on output

    May , 2016

    Sinkibai’s income has gone up ten-fold and she plans to earn more, thanks to adopting commercial cultivation of vegetables and Package of Practices, suggested by experts from Collectives for Integrated Livelihood Initiatives

  • Improving upon success

    December , 2015

    The Central India Initiative partners Vikram Sarabhai Centre for Development Interaction to improve cropping practices to benefit tribal farmers

  • Schooling Karma

    December , 2015

    It wasn't long ago that seven-year-old Karma would run away from school during lunch break. He hated school. But today, with patient understanding and encouragement from learning facilitators from the School and Community-based Quality Improvement Programme, Karma is back in school and enjoying it

  • A big step in the right direction

    September , 2015

    Remedial coaching centres, with innovative teaching-learning methods and materials, support high school students to clear their matriculation examination in Khunti district

  • Fruitful beginnings

    September , 2015

    The Sanjeevani Institute for Empowerment and Development programme helped Sahebrao Supadu Bhoye from Shevage village in becoming a lead vegetable farmer in his village

  • Central India Initiative organises community leader retreats to unlock the potential of tribal communities

    August , 2015

  • Tata Trusts to explore use of technology to bring prosperity to Jharkhand’s tribals

    July , 2015

  • Central India Initiative

    The Central India Initiative is one of the flagship initiatives of Tata Trusts, focusing its work in the central Indian tribal belts of the country. It strives to bring households irreversibly out of poverty with increased life choices.

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