• A friend in deed to animals

    February , 2019

    Respect in the community and the means to support her family have been added rewards for Pooni Bai when she trained as a pashu sakhi to handle medical needs of animals

  • Conserving soil and water for a sustainable living

    November , 2018

    Govind and Raosaheb are among the many farmers who have benefitted from the de-silting activities undertaken in Kirtangali village of Maharashtra. The Trusts, through their concerted efforts, have helped the villagers secure water and follow sustainable farming practices in the area

  • Farming made future ready

    September , 2018

    Like many other farmers in Vidarbha, Gajanan and Subhash were also facing a financial crunch. Their economic conditions began improving after the Trusts intervened through the Sukhi Baliraja Initiative (SBI), and introduced them to sustainable agriculture practices

  • A producer company for the farmers, by the farmers

    July , 2018

    Support from the Trusts’ RGR Cell and Chinnaru Farmer Producer Company reduce cost of cultivation and improve profits for Karunanithi and Sakthi

  • Sowing seeds of prosperity

    April , 2018

    Farmers in Punjab are increasingly adopting a scientific approach to cultivate crops that benefit them and the community at large

  • Bettering lives through livestock

    April , 2018

    Kamlesh explored different avenues before becoming a paravet. His service to the community is benefitting the entire ecosystem

  • Triggering transformation

    April , 2018

    Kuwanri Hassa and her husband in Janumpiri, Jharkhand, are ‘Lakhpati Kisans’ who are inspiring other farmers to adopt scientific agricultural and lac cultivation practices to reap increased profits

  • Smart ideas for a smart village

    October , 2017

    Tata Trusts’ ‘Lakhpati Kisan: Smart Villages’ programme has touched nearly 96,000 tribal households of the Central Indian belt. The focus is to implement best practices and enhance skills through community empowerment, leading to higher productivity and overall prosperity

  • Conservation, the tourism way

    June , 2017

    A tribal community discovers a way to supplement their income while protecting and conserving their heritage

  • Helping tribals farm sustainably in Mizoram

    April , 2017

    Nitrogen fixing trees have helped reduce rapid depletion of soil fertility due to widespread shifting cultivation in Mizoram and enabled tribes to continue age-old farming methods

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