Providing access to water for drinking, livelihood and sanitation

Water is critical for the survival of all living beings. Ensuring the supply of water for drinking, agriculture and sanitation is one of the biggest development challenges across the world. In India, the poor sanitation facilities and the lack of infrastructure add to the problem.

Access to safe drinking water is still not available to several communities in the country. Poor management of available water resources, coupled with lack of a regular supply of water leads to poor sanitation and hygiene habits. The water scarcity affects the health and well-being of the entire community.
Tata Trusts are committed towards the goal of improving the quality of life. Improving access to safe, assured and adequate water for both drinking and livelihood purposes, and environmental sanitation have been the key focus areas for the Trusts. While Tata Trusts have been working towards improving the water and sanitation situation in the country, the urgent requirement of making a significant difference calls for a more rigorous intervention. In order to create a rapid and scalable impact, the Trusts decided to approach the problem in a mission mode ‘Tata Water Mission’.

Lending a helping hand in Kerala