Arts, Crafts & Culture

India’s long tradition of culture over the millennia is now established in highly evolved art forms. However, artistic and cultural practices are at risk of disappearing due to rapid social changes and the inability of artists and artisans to make a living from them. Monuments, museums and archives of historical value in India have also been slowly decaying, due to a lack of interest in conserving them.

Over the years, Tata Trusts have worked towards enhancing livelihoods and quality of life of artistes, artisans and craftsmen, by supporting:

  • Initiatives to secure the livelihoods of crafts communities
  • Sustainable livelihoods in performing arts
  • Preservation and conservation of culture
  • Identifying and supporting education in the arts across various disciplines

In addition to supporting projects in the arts across India, Tata Trusts have also initiated their own platform in 2017 — Kalapana. Kalapana is an invitation to people who have chosen to dedicate their lives to practice the arts and to those who participate in that imagination. Conceived as a two way celebration, it showcases organisations and artists supported by the Trusts and how the Trusts make these choices to support them — through discussions, exhibitions, talks, screenings and performances. Kalapana hopes to bring about a deeper understanding of what it takes to survive in the arts, to bring together diverse stakeholders involved in its sustained expression, to address challenges and to celebrate and support the current that will be our heritage of tomorrow.

To view some of the talks from Kalapana 2018 please click here

Crafting dreams