While India has a large school going population, there is a paucity of quality literature in children's home languages. Only a handful of publishers in India are engaged in quality publishing of children's literature in Indian languages. A study of the sector commissioned by the Trusts showed that the children's literature market is mere 5% of total publishing.

Education research widely recognises the role of easy access and meaningful use of children's literature in classrooms and homes. The importance of an extensive use of reading material beyond school textbooks, including a variety of children's literature in Indian languages, is emphasised in key policy documents such as the National Curriculum Framework, 2005.

School libraries can be the most efficient source of access to literature for a majority of children who are enrolled in schools, but do not have books at home. However, 74% schools do not have functional libraries.

Recognising this need, Tata Trusts launched the Parag initiative in 2005-06. Parag supports the development of, access to, and use of children's literature in Indian languages, to promote reading among children.


Along with its partner organisations, Parag's objectives are to:

  • Support the development of quality children's literature in Indian languages
  • Support development of original stories that are both contextual and global and cover a variety of genres
  • Set up / support school and community libraries to ensure access to quality books
  • Use technology in various forms to promote reading for pleasure
  • Create avenues to promote young talented authors and illustrators
  • Ensure capacity building avenues for librarians, teachers and educators besides creating resources for setting up and running active libraries


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