24 June, 2020

Persistence of Being

The “Persistence of Being” was a choreographed full length performance by the students of MA in Performance Practice (Dance), School of Culture and Creative Expressions, AUD – a programme that is supported by Tata Trusts. It was performed at Black Box Okhla, Delhi from March 6-8th, 2020.


We live in desperate times. Do they call for desperate measures?

The performance casts dancing bodies into mutual modes of being, with intentional urgency. It is about everything, and yet it isn’t about anything in particular. It fabricates a fragile and taut web of ideas that manifest themselves in relation to each other. Tug at one, and the other begins to unravel. Sometimes, ideas collapse like they have been punched in the gut, making the web implode upon itself. And at other times, nothing happens.

In the times we live in, what does performance as ecology mean for our experience of the world?


Choreography: Abhilash Ningappa in collaboration with the students of the MA Performance Practice (Dance) programme

Cast: Abhijeet Chaturvedi, Akanksha Kumari, Arman Kainth, Aseng Borang, Anoushka Upadhyay, Deepali, Firoz Haider, Gunjan Gupta, Jasmine Yadav, Jyoti Dubey, Madhuri Singh, Neelakshi Malik, Pallavi Verma, Srijaa Kundu, Varsha Seth

Light Design: Anuj Chopra
Sound Design: Sajid Akbar
Costume Design: Virkein Dhar