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Message from the Chairman, Tata Trusts

         The UN SDGs form the bedrock of global thinking         I hope that these stories
         and action towards Sustainable Development. They
         are a part of every conversation – be it among          inspire readers to join
         governments, policy makers, corporations or
         development organisations. These Goals, with the        the effort and create a
         purpose of ‘leaving no one behind’ resonate with Tata
         Trusts’ innate principle of inclusive, sustainable and   multiplier effect.
         lasting development – an end to which we have always

         There is a need for concerted, coordinated effort       The Initiatives elaborated upon in ‘Stories of Change
         towards meeting the 17 Goals. The onus to meet          – Journey to the Global Goals’ are as representative
         the targets is not just on the governments, but         of Tata Trusts’ involvement across geographies and
         civil society, institutions, businesses and crucially,   sectors, as they are of the Trusts’ contribution to
         philanthropy. Philanthropy contributes not just         achieving India’s Global Goals.
         resources, but very often, a willingness to take risks as
         well as innovation.
                                                                 I hope that these stories inspire readers to join the
                                                                 effort and create a multiplier effect. The conscious
         AS the goals of the UN SDG gain traction and            investments we make in our people and in our
         recognition, we have adapted and realigned our          communities will be visible and sustainable, long
         approach, wherever possible, to accelerate achieving    beyond 2030.
         the outcomes envisaged by them.

         This publication is a collection of inspiring stories of
         change, a change driven by our multi-stakeholder
         approach that has created a ripple effect and impact.
         This reflects the inter-connectedness of the Goals      Ratan N Tata
         themselves, and demonstrates how our interventions,
         more often than not, have far-reaching outcomes.

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