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          Alwar's women dairy farmers get

          a big boost with Tata Dairy Mission

          In the desert state of Rajasthan, Alwar is the third most   would provide long-term sustainable livelihood alternative
          populous out of a total of 33 districts, with a largely   to these milk producers by providing round the year
          agrarian economy. Major crops are bajra, maize, jowar,   assured buyer, as well as timely payment for their milk.
          wheat, barley, pulses and oilseeds, with nearly 70% of its
          population involved in agriculture. A majority of these   In 2016, therefore, Tata Dairy Mission was launched to
          farmers have small or marginal landholdings, which   focus on sustainably enhancing incomes of marginal
          means that earnings from agriculture can barely provide   and small milk producers. The Dairy Health and Nutrition
          subsistence. Livestock becomes an important source of   Initiative India Foundation (DHANII), was incorporated as
          livelihood as cash flows are regular and assured.   a Section 8 company (a company set up for not-for-profit
                                                              purposes in September 2016) by the Trusts to support the
          Women are deeply involved in tending to the livestock,   mission in its objectives.
          predominantly comprising 84% buffaloes, followed by
          11% indigenous cows and 5% crossbred cows. They work   DHANII, with the technical support of National Dairy
          together through self-help groups, supporting one another   Development Board (NDDB) dairy services, helps milk
          in understanding and developing linkages with banks,   producers to earn more by improving their knowledge
          maintaining of books of accounts and more.          about milk production, breed improvement and animal
                                                              health and nutrition. As a part of this, five Milk Producer
          However, with the organised sector having a very limited   Companies have been operationalised in four states -
          reach in these areas, the women had little support. As a   Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Maharashtra.
          result, they were finding it difficult to sell the milk year
          round at reasonably remunerative prices. The Tata Trusts   Sakhi Mahila Milk Producer Company (SMMPC) set up in
          felt necessary to have an institutional arrangement that   March 2016 and started operations in November 2016 and
                                                              broke even in its second year of operations.
          Sakhi Mahila Milk Producer Company, Alwar


                                  Women enrolled as         113.71 lakh
                                       members                     Paid up capital

          Functional milk pooling                                                     31,800 kg
                 points in
                                                                                       milk collected per day
           Villages in Alwar and
            Bharatpur districts

                                                                                               As of February 2019

          Impact of SMMPC
          Joining the Sakhi Mahila Milk Producer Company in Alwar, Rajasthan, has changed Sushila Devi’s life for the better.
          Overˆa period of just three years, the 47-year-old dairy farmer from Buldana village (Laxmangarh tehsil of Alwar district)
          earned `9,74,000 from the sale of milk. She was able to buy five additional cows and two buffaloes and expand her milk
          production business. The enhanced income has benefited her family in many ways.

          “We were selling 10-12 litres of milk daily at a price of J28-30/litre earlier. After joining the Sakhi MMPC, on an average I have
          been able to get a price of J40-45/litre and we are selling 160-165 litres of milk daily. Best part is, I receive all the payments
          directly into my bank account.”
                                                                                                   - Sushila Devi

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