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          Financial empowerment for

          better farming, better living

          Small landholdings characterise a big problem for the   The community approached the Lift Irrigation Federation
          Indian farmer, making even subsistence agriculture fairly   with a plea to be provided with irrigation facilities. The
          challenging. This was the situation facing the farmers of   federation is the apex community institution which has
          Dhamarda village in Gujarat’s Dahod district, forcing them   been nurtured by Collectives for Integrated Livelihood
          to migrate into nearby cities to earn their livelihood… until   Initiatives (CInI), along with its implementing support
          one day, when they came together as a community, working   agency N M Sadguru Foundation. The Tata Trusts is
          with the Tata Trusts, to transform not just their lives, but   collaborating with it on its 'Mission 2020 – Lakhpati Kisan:
          the very destiny of their community and their village.   Smart Villages’ programme started in 2015.

          Today, Dhamarda has emerged as a hub for high-value   As part of the mission, two lift irrigation structures—
          agri produce that includes exotic vegetables such as   which use gravity to supply water into fields—were set
          zucchini, gherkins and more. Its farmers have gone from   up, instantly bringing 450 acres of land under cultivation.
          subsistence farming to becoming ‘lakhpati kisans’. Their   Farmers owning these lands formed two cooperative
          turnaround is a story of the triumph of a community.   bodies under the name of Udhuan Sinchai Sahakari Samiti,
                                                              for the management of the water supply, fixing charges of
          Limited to growing only single crop in a year and being   `80/hour. Later, looking at the scale of benefit, 200ˆmore
          stuck in traditional agricultural practices, these farmers   farmers joined the mission, which also gave them
          would migrate into nearby cities, seeking opportunities to   trainings, seeds and support. Finally, 250 more farmers
          serve as labourers. The young and able would leave their   joined, bringing the total to 450.
          families behind and become vulnerable to the exploitation
          comprising the elderly and the children would be alone in  450 acres
          and abuse in the cities. At the same time, their families

          the village.                                        Of land brought under cultivation

          Mission 2020 – Lakhpati Kisan: Smart Villages

          In three years, Dhamarda   Overall, 36% of households   Dhamarda is now a model
          is now placed under the   have income of more than   of open-field vegetable
          Aspirational District     `1,00,000 per annum, while   cultivation, trellis and exotic
          programme, driving        49% are set to join them   produce fetching high
          transformation of other   soon.                     prices all year round.

          How the community has transformed

          Farmers are now focused   The families have installed   Farmers in Dhamarda
          on augmenting their       122 units of Tata Swach   cultivate crops in all three
          incomes with dairy-based   water filters, having taken   seasons now, the improved
          activities.               special interest in the   methods and techniques
                                    quality and purity of water.  have helped them double
                                                              the production at a cost
                                                              lower than before.

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