Project DRUV

DRUV is an all new community development programme that serves to use innovative technology to help transform the lives of rural and remote populations in India. The project has been launched in Rajasthan and will be expanded to other states in the country soon. DRUV is about internet connectivity and its mission aims to create accessibility to affordable and informative content by bringing digital connectivity to television screens with a view to make a difference to the quality of life of the underprivileged and underserved populations. Project DRUV is an initiative of Tata Trusts in association with Prodea Systems. The respective state governments will play a lead role in supporting this effort with the Govt. of Rajasthan (already partnering the process extensively in the launch state). Project DRUV is a part of the ‘Digital India’ initiative created by the Government of Rajasthan and serves to help gain access to important information and benefits entitled that the community is entitled to.

Project DRUV is an innovative technology that is very easy to set up and works through a television screen, turning it into a Smartscreen and enabling one to access information and communicate with important Government and Non-Government organisations for availing of important and beneficial services. By simply setting up a set-top box to one’s television, one can instantly get online and gain access to information that can positively affect the family’s health and well-being. Rajasthan is a geography of focus for several Tata Trusts initiatives which gives an added advantage in project planning and implementation.

DRUV enables you to access important information and services in the areas of health, finances, agriculture, farming, education and entrepreneurship, maternal and infant health information, nutrition and child care benefits and education, farming and animal husbandry training, news and information, along with many other internet based services, to the farthest and most rural communities within Rajasthan, providing access to information for those residents who would not normally be able to take advantage of the internet due to the lack of access to computers and smart devices.