How to apply for a grant


If your organisation works in one or more of the work areas supported by the Tata Trusts, and if you would like to explore a partnership with the Trusts, please download and fill the concept note and mail it to Kindly send the document in .doc or .pdf format. You are requested to not send any additional material by email / postal service / courier at this time.

Please click here to download the concept note for submitting a proposal.

Please note that applicants will receive a response from the Trusts within 30 days. Those who are shortlisted for further exploration of the partnership will be taken through the grant-making process, which may involve multiple levels of review and iteration, for up to six months. Going through the different levels of iteration is not an indication of fruition of grant support. The final decision on sanction / non-sanction of a grant application will be known only at the end of the review and iteration process.


To apply for individual medical grants, download and fill the form, and mail it to

Please click here to download the application form.