Sir Ratan Tata Trust & Allied Trusts

...for the advancement of education, learning and industry in all its branches, including education in economy, sanitary services and art, or for the relief of human suffering, or for other works of public utility...

- Sir Ratan Tata

About Sir Ratan Tata

Yellow card approach

A five-point approach that we endeavour to incorporate in all future engagements to sustainably change the quality of lives

  • Scale
  • Measurable impact
  • Finite exit route
  • Sustainability
  • Adoption and contextual application of the best way to doing things globally

Sinkibai's income has gone up ten-fold and she plans to earn more, thanks to adopting commercial cultivation of vegetables and Package of Practices

Gaon Chalo Abhiyan, a Himmotthan Society supported initiative to create rural entrepreneurs, has thus transformed the lives of local women in Uttarakhand

Associate organisations

Partnering the Trusts to ensure high quality implementation of interventions